Moving To Make Your Life Better

5 Moving Hacks: Hiring Residential Movers And More

How can you make your next move easier? Whether you need help hiring residential movers, you aren't sure how to pack, or you just need another helpful moving hack, take a look at the top tips to follow.

Hire A Residential Moving Company ASAP

Don't wait to secure your moving date. Popular time slots with the top moving companies in your area will fill up quickly. As soon as you know your move-out/move-in date, contact the movers to book their service—especially if you will move during the spring or summer. According to Architectural Digest, Memorial Day through Labor Day is the peak moving season. 

Keep Your Dressy Clothes On the Hangers

How much time will it take for you to remove your button-down shirts, suits, dresses, and skirts from hangers, fold everything neatly, and pack your clothing into boxes? Save time and keep everything on the hangers that are already in your closet. Place the hangers (and the clothes on them) onto a bar in a specialized wardrobe box. If you don't want to spend money on a wardrobe box, cut a small hole in the bottom of a clean garbage bag. Thread the top of the hangers through the hole to make a DIY clothing cover for your move.

Pack Towels With Your Dishware

Yes, towels can move with your delicate dishware. Even though the kitchen and bathroom are two very different rooms, you can combine some items from the two spaces. Rolled or folded towels can double as protective packing materials. The soft, fluffy fabric can cushion dishes and keep your fine china from crashing into the sides of boxes and bins during your move. You can also use dish towels, bed linens, and quilts to wrap, cushion, and protect fragile items. 

Take Plenty of Photos

This tip doesn't refer to documenting your move. Instead, snap strategic pictures that help you to remember what goes where and how to reassemble furniture (or other items) that you take apart for the move. You can also take photos of electronics before your move. This will make it easier to unpack and set up your computer, media center, or video game systems.

Reuse Old Area Rugs

Will your old rugs stay behind or end up in the trash? If your new home has a totally different aesthetic or you want to start from scratch, you won't need to take old area rugs. But this doesn't mean that these smaller or slimmer pieces of carpet can't serve a purpose on moving day. 

Keep the floors clean and dry with an area rug cover. Now that you know you won't use the carpeting again, you can cut the rugs into smaller pieces. This allows you to create pathways through your home. Not only is this a free way to keep your floors clean, but old area rugs also won't slip or slide in the same way that plastic sheeting or other floor cover products could. 

For more information, contact residential movers near you.