Moving To Make Your Life Better

Store More On The Floor

If you sell collectibles to local merchants and online customers, your storage needs may have changed as your business expanded. Keeping fragile porcelain or china items inside of your home could result in damaged merchandise, if you or a loved one accidentally tips over a carton that contains some of the items. Place your inventory inside of a self storage facility unit and use the space for packing efforts.

Utilize The Floor Space For Open Orders

If you had possession of a storage unit in the past and you stacked boxes to the ceiling, you may have discovered that it wasn't so easy to locate various items when the time came to retrieve some of your possessions. Don't make the mistake of overfilling a rental unit. If you plan on accessing the rental unit on a fairly consistent basis, you will benefit by utilizing the floor space and creating pathways in between pallets or cartons.

Open orders that haven't been shipped yet will be your top priority. Collectibles that will be shipped or delivered in a week or two should be within reach. Set several pallets on the flooring that is adjacent to your storage unit's doorway. Set open cartons on top of the pallets. Use the pallets to support recurring orders that you are certain will be purchased by a specific company or individual.

Designate one pallet to support products that you consider to be "best sellers". Leave each carton open and stack the merchandise inside of each container. This will allow you the freedom to stop by your rental unit and quickly grab what you need to fill an order. Alongside the storage section, create a packing area. This area can be used to store empty boxes, packing tape, scissors, and packing paper and peanuts. 

Stack Boxes Neatly Near The Back Of The Unit

Leave plenty of space along an interior wall in the storage unit. This space will be where you can walk when you are carrying boxes that will be stored in the back of the unit. The only part of your storage unit that should contain high stacks of boxes is toward the back wall. Use this space for excess inventory, complete collections, and rare items that may not sell as frequently as some of the other merchandise.

Avoid stacking the boxes too high, since this will present a challenge when it is time to remove a carton from the top of a stack. Label all of the boxes with the number of collectibles and the type of figurines that are being stored inside of each one.