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Relocating Your Medical Practices: Three Things To Consider When Preparing To Move

Whether you are relocating to a bigger office or an area that's more convenient for your patients, relocating a medical practice can be a complex process. However, with the help of a commercial relocation company and some careful planning, you can successfully complete this transition. Use the following information to help prepare for your move to a new location.

Medical Record Security

Keeping patient files confidential is of utmost concern for medical practices. Hiring a reputable moving company with experience handling relocations like yours is a great first step, but there are also other things you can do to protect patient privacy. Files can be placed into boxes with tamper-evident seals before the movers arrive, and you can also request that one person stays with the moving truck to guard your boxes of files while they are being loaded onto the moving truck. Keeping records closely guarded can help to prevent crimes of opportunity that might result in identity theft.

Medical Waste Disposal

It's a good idea to wind down patient appointments in the days before you move. Not only can this help to make the transition to your new office a bit less complicated, but it also provides extra time to ensure all medical waste is disposed of properly. For example, if you are performing procedures or administering vaccinations right before moving, you'll have some medical waste to contend with. Stopping these visits at least a few days in advance gives your medical waste disposal team a chance to do one final pickup before moving day.

Medical Equipment Packing

When it comes to moving your sensitive medical equipment, you want to know that everything is being packed with care. For some items, you and your staff may want to do the packing by hand yourselves. This might include surgical instruments or phlebotomy equipment. For larger items, such as exam tables or X-ray equipment, you may need extra help from your commercial relocation company. Be sure the company you choose has experience with packing and handling medical equipment like the items you have in your office, and arrange to have a staff member present when the equipment is prepared for the move. Don't forget to inquire about commercial moving insurance through your moving company, as this coverage can help protect you in the event that expensive equipment becomes damaged .

Interview several moving companies to be sure you have the right choice for your medical practice, and ask about any specialized services it offers. You may find that your commercial relocation company can handle much of the packing, unpacking, and setting up in your new practice.