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Moving Into A Studio Apartment From A Larger Home? Follow These Tips

If you are moving from a larger apartment or house into a studio apartment, then surely you're aware that not everything you own is going to fit. But choosing which items to keep and which to get rid of can be challenging -- as can the packing, transport, and unpacking processes. To help facilitate your move, follow these tips.

Measure everything first.

Before you start deciding which furniture to keep and which to get rid of, measure all of your furniture. Write down the dimensions of each piece. Then, visit your new studio apartment and take measurements of the door and the dimensions. If there are any pieces that won't fit through the door or are obviously too big for the space, you can get rid of those right off the bat to simplify your decision-making.

Focus on the items you need, not those that you don't.

Instead of going through your things and selecting the items you want to part with, do the opposite. Go through your things and only set aside those that you absolutely need and want to keep. This usually results in a smaller "keep" pile as it helps you hone in on what is really essential.

Rent a storage pod.

Getting rid of a lot of things at once can be overwhelming. There may be things you think you need that you later discover you don't need--or don't fit. You may also throw things away only to realize later on that you really did need them! You can prevent a lot of headaches by renting a storage pod or a storage unit. Put anything you're not sure about in there, and then a month or two after moving into your studio, you can re-visit the unit, switch out things you need with things you don't, and donate the excess with confidence.

Plan your setup before you arrive.

Before you move, spend some time planning the layout of your new studio apartment. Know what you will put where -- especially when it comes to furniture. This way, as you unpack your moving truck, you can have your helpers put items directly in their places. This will save you a lot of back aches and struggles later on-- you won't have to worry about relocating items within the small space.

Remember that hiring professional movers, lik Moving U, is always an option, even if you're moving a few things into a small space. They can do the hard work for you so that you can take more time to get acclimated to your new home.