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5 Steps To Staying Open For Business While Moving To A New Location

One of biggest falls a business can take is being unable to operate as usual. Whether it's a day where there's a power outage, a large percentage of workers call out, or because you are still reorganizing your store after a move, you need customers to understand that things will be back to normal soon. Keep the money coming in during the course of moving to a new business location by taking these five steps for staying in control during a company relocation.

1. Setup New Phone Service Right Away - As soon as you established your upcoming moving date with a commercial moving service, you can go ahead and have a new business line setup. Whether you have to change phone numbers or just need the phone company to shut on service at the new location, it is best if your customers aren't directed to non-working phone numbers for any period of time.

2. Communicate With Your Clients - You can tell them in person, make a note on your website, hold a 'moving' sale or use all of these methods to let everyone know when your business will be moving and where they can find your new company location. This way, you can be certain that none of your faithful clients will unprepared when you close up shop at your old business space.

3. Coordinate Your Move With A Commercial Moving Service - If you have commercial vehicles and a large staff you may be thinking that you can relocate your business without any professional assistance. In reality, moving office equipment, important files, and office furnishings isn't as easy as putting everything on the back of a truck. Get the help of a commercial moving service that is well known among local business owners so that you get plenty of personal assistance.

4. Stick To Your Moving Schedule - Even if you feel that it is a good idea to push up or push back your moving date, you're going to need to stick to the schedule once it has been formally announced. Not only will this enable your commercial moving service to get your new business location setup faster, you can avoid other complications that may come about from changing set plans.

5. Let Customers Know When They Can Visit In Person - Even if you still have some moving boxes in plain view, you don't need to ensure that everything is perfect before opening the doors at your new business location. As long as it is safe for clients to come in, you can resume business as usual and allow them to get a first look at the new store you are working on setting up.

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