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How To Prepare For A Long-Distance Move

There are few things more stressful than a long-distance move, but being prepared will help ease some of the mental and physical strain. There are many things to consider when preparing a cross-country relocation, and how to safely move your household items is probably one of your biggest concerns.

One way that you can lessen some of your moving burdens is by hiring a professional long-distance moving company to do the heavy lifting and transporting for you. While you will have to pack some items on your own and make some preparations, a moving company will literally take a lot of weight off of your shoulders.

After you've set the long-distance move date and hired the long-distance movers like Wheaton World Wide Moving, here are some ways that you can prepare for your relocation: 

1. Purge Unnecessary Items

If you're paying your movers per pound or you have to rent a larger, more expensive moving truck because you have so many belongings, purging any unnecessary items can save you money and stress. Consider getting rid of anything, such as clothing and furniture items, that you haven't used in the past year.

Unless an unused desk, chair, or another other household items is an heirloom or has sentimental value, either donate or sell it prior to the move. Not only will getting rid of these pieces create more room in the moving truck, it will free up space in your new home.

2. Hand-Pack Important and Delicate Items 

To protect irreplaceable items, such as antiques or a crystal vase collection, hand-pack them yourself before the movers arrive. If you're driving to your new home, you may want to transport the delicate pieces in your own vehicle as well.

Other items that you may want to sort through and separate from your other belongings are financial and other important documents. Place them in a secure file and pack them into suitcase for safekeeping.

3. Seal Food Packages

Prior to the movers packing your kitchen items, make sure that all food packaging is tightly sealed to prevent an en-route mess. You can place open packages of rice, pasta, and other pantry essentials in labeled , airtight containers for freshness and convenience. 

Also, make sure your pots, pans and other cooking items are thoroughly clean and dry to prevent pests, such as mice or insects, from entering the boxes. This is especially important if you'll be storing your items for any length of time at your new location. 

4. Protect Picture Frames 

While the movers you hire may wrap picture frames, it won't hurt to protect them yourself for peace of mind. Securely wrap frames and mirrors in sheets, pillow cases, or bubble wrap, and place them snugly in appropriate-sized boxes.